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WarrantyMonkey.com Warranty Claims

Get control of your Warranty Claims with the #1 online Warranty Claims management tool. The customer service experience can make or break a company. With WarrantyMonkey.com you can easily manage warranty claims online from anywhere. The easy-to-use WarrantyMonkey.com form builder makes creating a claims form that meets your company’s specific needs a breeze. Embed the form to your website or point users to the automatically created WarrantyMonkey landing page. Get notifications when customers create claims and manage customer correspondence all in one easy place. Sign up Today!


Allow customers to create claims. Enable simple tracking of claims and online customer correspondence.

Product Import

Import a list of your products for customers to select from for an accurate and simple claim process.

Image Upload

Easily allow customers to upload supporting files / images to their warranty claim.

Warranty Claims Features:

  • Easy to use Form Creator
  • Customizable Thank You page
  • Add images & videos to forms to explain to customers
  • Simple Search for customer information
  • Documented Customer Correspondence
  • Customer can upload images or files to show claim issues
  • Add your products allowing customers to easily find the correct product
  • Embed forms on your website or use our form landing pages 
  • A fully online system allowing Admins to work from anywhere
  • Simple to use Admin system for your team to manage claims
  • Auto sends emails for customer correspondence.
  • Easily export data at anytime 
  • Reports
  • Dashboard showing Claims that need attention
  • Create multiple forms & manage all data in one system
  • Easily change or view customer status updates
  • Adding Sub-Users allows multiple people to manage claims
  • Preview & test forms prior to taking them live

Powerful Warranty Claim System for your Business

  • Warranty Monkey gives manufacturers a complete warranty registration and warranty claims system for customer registrations and online correspondence.
  • Setup custom warranty registration forms with our easy drag and drop form creator. As well, easily export your warranty registrations for use in your internal systems.
  • Easily search registrations and warranty claims as well as correspond with tracked customer correspondence.